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FAFSA Myth #4, The FAFSA is too Complicated to Do

Let’s face it, government forms can be intimidating, confusing and leave the uninitiated a little overwhelmed.  However, the FAFSA form is relatively simple to fill out.  If you’ve filed your taxes before, many of the questions will be familiar to…

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FAFSA Myth #2, Only Good Grades Get Financial Aid

“Only students with good grades get financial aid.” This past week, Forbes magazine posted a story about Seth Samuelson, a college student, who hounded oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens on Twitter.  Samuelson had a rather bold approach to finding financial…

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Myths of FAFSA

On January 4th, CNN Money reported on the fears of budget cuts for young college students.  Education Secretary Arne Duncan wrote a letter to Congress stating that if the budget cuts go through (starting in March), programs like FAFSA (Free Application…

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