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Golden Rule #5

Hiring managers today get too many applications for employment, especially in the current economy.  With unemployment rates hovering in the 7-8% range, you might say that it's an "employer's market."  Hiring managers need to quickly weed the stack of applications…

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Golden Rule #4

I don't like conflict, so when I purchased my last home, I hired a real estate agent to walk me through the financial purchase.  This was quite a relief for me as my agent asked for, debated and advocated on my…

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Golden Rule #3

Have you ever walked into a high tech computer store to buy a computer?  Friendly sales people will fill your head with RAM, gigabytes, core processors, hard drive space, pixels, and bus speeds until you have no idea what to…

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Golden Rule #2

If you’ve heard about any of the effects of the housing crisis, you may know how difficult it is to try and sell a home when the market is down.  In fact, it’s so difficult that a whole new business…

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The Golden Rules of Financial Aid

Would you like to maximize you're financial aid?  Who wouldn't?  Yet, every year students miss out on financial aid dollars for a variety of reasons.  In 2004, the American Council on Education released a study on financial aid and found that half…

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Work-Study Grant, Part II

So Where’s My Work-Study Grant Money? Let me explain a little more how work-study grants operate.  When the college goes to pay you for dishwashing in the cafeteria, for example, you’ll be paid a percentage by the college and a…

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Work-Study Grant. What’s That?

Work-study is one of the more confusing types of financial aid given to college students.  It’s not a loan, but a grant, yet neither is it free money deposited into your bank account.  Confused yet? In simplest terms, work-study is…

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